Sisters in Cinema BronzeLens Catalyst Award


BronzeLens Catalyst Award


A fun day with Sisters in Cinema at the BronzeLens annual luncheon. Also an important event that since 2009 has celebrated women of color working in film and television.

I was honored in to receive the Superstar Catalyst Award along with Queen Sugar’s Tina Lifford (Aunt Vi) who received the Visionary Superstar Award and Samantha (Sam) Vincent producer of the eight films of the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

It’s a wonderful event with women from various industries coming together to celebrate women of color working in film and television. Lots of cackling, looking at shoes and coifs, and cheek-to-cheek kissing.

Kathleen Bertrand, Deidre McDonald and Nnena U. Nchege do an amazing job of putting this event together.
The event took place August 24, 2018.