Recent TEDxAtlanta event

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It was a good day. 

Sold out TEDxAtlanta event. Over 80O people in attendance. 

I can finally announce that I spoke about speculative fiction, in particular science fiction and fantasy, and how as imaginative as this art form is, that our imaginations are limited.  

While we can imagine a woman who is the mother of dragons and we can  imagine children attending schools where they learn to cast magical spells, it is rare that we can imagine people of color as heroes in these kinds of stories or as characters who have agency. Rarely can we imagine women of color as heroes in these stories. 

Ultimately, it’s a talk about the Other and the Different in all of its forms, as well as not seeing this in speculative fiction which is our most imaginative art form. And, as a result we are not only censoring our imaginations but losing out on understanding at a deeper level of what it means to be human. 

Off to bed. Between prepping for this talk and Greenleaf, I am spent but grateful.

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